I want to support students, parents/guardians, teachers, and staff as the district continues to navigate back from the pandemic, as your Trustee my priorities are: 

  • Build on programs that emphasize both college and career readiness
  • Focus on assisting students in transitioning from each academic grade level in preparation for college and/or career
  • Expand relations with public and private partnerships for student internship and apprenticeship opportunities

  • Support funding for state-of-the-art school facilities  
  • Support anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies that work to support school safety

  • Work alongside community stakeholders to support the “whole” student and families by advocating for the expansion of Community Schools
  • Support access and awareness of mental health services for students, teachers, staff, and families

  • Ensure teachers, parents/guardians, and students are involved and supported in student education 
  • Work collaboratively to ensure the curriculum is diverse and inclusive, and ensure teachers have the resources and training to support student learning




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Paid for by Jessica Guerrero for AUHSD Trustee Area 1 – FPPC #1440852